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So You Think You’re Going To Kavos, Eh?

Mr.JMT had planned to go to Kavos on a lad’s holiday with some of his friends* from uni for a week of ‘fun’ and drunken shenanigans. However, after extensive research, the release of… Continue reading

Dating, The Arts, And Bloody Good Blogs.

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed (by golly, if you haven’t noticed then you’re living under a rock!) but I have just started writing for the ever expanding Singles Warehouse¬†– an online… Continue reading


I’m so chilled out, I’m still coasting on this weekend. I went back to JMT’s home on Thursday, we ran away from uni faster than you could call me to the table for… Continue reading

Celebrating Me.

Well that was tidy. I’m not a typical party girl, don’t get me wrong, I love a good dance and a few shots but I’m not one to be out every night of… Continue reading


‘You have such a wonderful life right now, it’s lovely. I love watching you live, you make me happy.’ And I couldn’t help but smile when Mum turned to me and said those… Continue reading

Give Me A Chance To Miss You.

Back in my single bed, with my single duvet, and my single shelf, looking through my single window, and sighing deeply at the memory of this past long weekend. And what a lovely… Continue reading

And That’s When I Walked Shit Through The House.

So, wanting to make a good impression, I’ve been on my best behaviour. I haven’t used blue language like ‘crap’, ‘shit’, and the like, and I’ve managed to refrain from farting and snorting… Continue reading

I Am Bridget Jones. Only Welsh.

So, apparently, I remind my ladies of a certain Bridget Jones. Funny really, made me giggle. At first I was flattered. But then I had a gander at who she is, in-depth, and… Continue reading