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5 Things Stephanie Meyer Taught Me I Should Want In A Man.

When I first spied Edward Cullen I was hungover, emotional, and teetering on the edge of a breakup. My friend left me in her room as she trotted off to work with a… Continue reading

Officewear And Other Disasters.

I got a new job. An office job. A temporary, part-time, ‘It Crowd’, office job wherein I actually have to dress up and make an effort. Cool, eh? And there I was thinking… Continue reading

How Not To Catch Herpes In A Port-a-loo And Other Useful Festival Tips.

Everybody loves a good festival, right? Well, kinda. I’d never been to a festival before Beach Break Live 2011 last month, and it was not what I expected at all, they didn’t even… Continue reading

How Not To Talk About The Future And Other Ways To Scare Your Boyfriend Shitless.

Rule #1 – Never talk about Marriage. But if you must, please at leas abide by the following: Don’t show him the wedding portfolio that you’ve been working on since you were 12.… Continue reading