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The Religious, The Pacifists, and The Anti-Christs.

If you’ve been reading this for a while you’ll know that I hold a belief in God. Exactly who God is and what he/she looks like right now in my life is still… Continue reading

5 Things Stephanie Meyer Taught Me I Should Want In A Man.

When I first spied Edward Cullen I was hungover, emotional, and teetering on the edge of a breakup. My friend left me in her room as she trotted off to work with a… Continue reading

Officewear And Other Disasters.

I got a new job. An office job. A temporary, part-time, ‘It Crowd’, office job wherein I actually have to dress up and make an effort. Cool, eh? And there I was thinking… Continue reading

Oh, You Read Danielle Steel?!

I love reading, especially now that I have my Kindle. There’s no more tossing and turning in bed at night to read the right page comfortably, there’s no more bulk in my bag,… Continue reading

Anonymous Asked…

Well, I think about death an awful lot. Not because I’m depressed or anything, I think it’s just fascinating and incredibly scary. You know, the thought of not being alive and all that.… Continue reading

The ‘Frenemy’ Dilemma.

Frenemies: most girls have them – unless, of course, you’re a stable, self-assured, confident female with very few serious character defects to hide. They’re those girls in either your social group or proximate… Continue reading

What’s So Wrong With Stalking Anyway?

Stalking: we’ve all done it. And don’t sit there shaking your head at me, you know you have – especially if you’re a girl. From friends we haven’t spoken to in ages to… Continue reading

Sit Down, Darling; Mummy’s Having A Breakdown.

I fail to see the point of it all – university, books, life – it’s all very vast and full and yet completely narrow and empty at the same time. I go to… Continue reading