About Me

My name is CharisAmy. It’s two words, Charis Amy, but I like CharisAmy better. And it’s ‘Karis’ – not ‘cha ris’, not ‘sha-ris’, not ‘sharisse’. Karis. Charis. CharisAmy. Got it? Good. I’m just an over-worked, over-danced, and under-paid English student, trying to make it through the week without breaking anything or losing my phone. I also try to figure out life and stuff.

My Twitter is @CharisAmy – makes sense really, doesn’t it?

There’s very little that I can’t stand, but plenty that comes close. Like yellow jelly babies, for example, and the way women’s magazines feature clothes from Gucci. As if I can afford that! Ladies, please, just stick to Topshop and New Look and we have a deal, yes? I also dislike snobbery, back-stabbing bitchiness, and serious lacking in the personal hygiene department.

N.B. We won’t get anywhere if you can’t just accept that for the purposes of my blog – God exists. Even if you don’t think he does, he does. Savvy? Good. Not being a pain or anything, when you walk away from my blog, say what you will, but just assume his existence for now.

Also – you see that white retarded thing in my pictures? Yeah? That’s Timmy. He’s my fool.